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The design of PC integrated medical products begins with the selection of a power supply, which must not only satisfy power requirements but also must conform to electrical safety regulations. The combination of power and safety requirements often causes confusion within engineering staffs.

Many technical factors distinguish the medical grade power supply from commercial units. Commercially available power supplies are generally manufactured to standards IEC 950 or UL 1950. Although commercial power supplies may meet some safety standards, there are a number of features that separate them from the true medical grade power supply that must fully comply to IEC 601-1 or UL 2601-1.

Until recently, engineers designing patient connected PC-based medical products had the option of purchasing standard commercial power supplies manufactured to IEC 950 or UL 1950 standards or compromise on modified commercial supplies that may or may not meet the stringent standards.

Recognizing that the choice of medical grade, high power PC power supplies was very limited, in 1996, RAM Technologies was formed to serve the growing OEM requirement for custom designed power supplies.

Utilizing more than 40 years medical instrument design experience, our mission at RAM was to focus exclusively on the design and manufacture of the most powerful and reliable medical grade power supplies available to OEM customers.

RAM guarantees that our power supplies will be available for the life of your product without obsolescence. 

At the core of our technology lies the RAM exclusive MultiLoop design which dramatically reduces component heat stress and increases reliability to a demonstrated MTBF of 1,000,000 hours (500,000 minimum). Inherent in all RAM designs is a dedication to quality and reliability that allows us the confidence to offer a 3-year warranty on every RAM product.

Today we are gratified that our RAM vision has come true with thousands of our products powering some of the most sophisticated PC-based medical products in the world.

As a potential customer, RAM promises you uncompromising quality and service along with competitive prices. Also, please remember that RAM is a company filled with innovative engineering ideas. If your requirements need custom engineering services and solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Custom Medical Grade Power Supplies - President

Custom Medical Power Supply  - President
Richard Mentelos
President, RAM Technologies

Richard Mentelos is the author of an application note "Electrical Safety in PC Based Medical Products Including Changes in IEC 601-1 3rd edition" (PDF file). click here

and a recent paper "Medical-Grade Power Supplies - Safety and Reliability Set Them Apart" click here

Mr. Mentelos, an Electrical Engineer, has worked in the medical electronics industry for over 40 years specializing in analog design for patient connected monitoring systems. He has been awarded several patents for medical device and power conversion circuits. Mr. Mentelos founded RAM Technologies in 1996.

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